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When you start exploring mobile.de’s wide range of Boxsters, you’ll soon be off track what equipment each model has, what are the factory accessories and what are the retrofit accessories. Of course, there’s nothing bad about retrofitting if they’re well installed. However, I wanted to find out what the different models looked like in the first place when they rolled out of the factory. So let’s start surfing the internet to find Porsche Boxster 986 literature ?!

The good Porsche Boxster 986 literature seemed to be a bit behind the stone at first. Then, after a normal Amazon surf, I could find quite good literature. I decided to focus on a few main books. After all, you have to have time to fix cars, too, it’s not just about reading ?!

Porsche Boxster 986 literature

Written by Brian Long and released in 2016, Porsche Boxster The 986 series 1996–2004 seemed like a good main source. In my bookshelf there already is Porsche 996 The Essential Companion, a rocker written by Adrian Streather and published by the same Veloce Publishing. With its 656-page, it may not be everyone’s wish book, but I haven’t read any other such a comprehensive single-car model book if you omit the workshop manuals off the bill. So it was worth waiting for the book, and after reading the book a few times, I would recommend Long’s book if you want to know a little more about the Porsche Boxster 986. Use this link to access Google Books if you want to explore the book more.

Another book that came by mail is the 101 Projects for your Porsche Boxster written by Wayne R. Dempsey and published by Motorbooks in 2010. After receiving the book, I noticed that Dempsey is one of the founders of Pelican Parts, where I have sometimes watched spare parts for my Boxster. The book is quite clear, but I have used it only on a few small jobs so I dare not recommend it further yet. However, here you can take a closer look at it in Google Books.

The third book, The Essential Buyer’s Guide Porsche 986 Boxster, which I ordered a little later, is again written by Adrian Streather and published by Veloce Publishing. I have used the same book series to buy some other previous cars and that’s why I ordered this as well. In paperback size and 64 pages, it may not provide a lot of new information, but it’s convenient to keep with you in the form of a checklist. It worked well when I acquired my Boxster. Here’s a link to the book in Google Books.

For the sake of clarity, I do not have any interest in these publishers, writers or sources, and each of us naturally makes his/her own purchasing decisions ?.

Other sources

The other sources were the usual pages, namely Wikipedia’s Porsche Boxster 986, mobile.de and leparking.fr with numerous car advertisements, the Porsche Club of America and the giant car fact site automobile-catalog.com. My bookshelf also houses car magazines for decades and several Auto Katalogs ?.

When I was gathering Boxster’s technical and color information, I also came across a few good other sites. Boxster focused site 986faq.com contains a lot of details around the 986. elferclassic.de is not a Boxster site, but contains comprehensive information about other models and issues related to Porsche in general, such as colors, etc. gtcarlot.com is a wider site with information also about 986. As a rule, image links in page Porsche Boxster 986 Colors for car colors are on the latter two sites. Naturally, Porsche AG’s own production statistics is an important source. If you are more interested in the meanings of colors, you should also check coloria.net site (in Finnish ?, sorry…).

I’ve tried to do my best to collect the information as accurately as possible. However, there may have been contradictions between sources, for example in numbers of horsepowers, in the years of production of certain shades of color, etc. In this case, I have tried to choose the most common option in Europe, or I have just made my very own conclusion. At the same time, this is, I guess mandatory, a disclaimer.

The sources above I then used in my post on Porsche Boxster 986 History (1996-2004), Porsche Boxster 986 Colors and Porsche Boxster 986 Specs. My blog’s photo credits are in turn mentioned here. And if you like this post, thank you if you’ll share the post with your friends 🙂

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What do you think, is the Porsche Boxster 986 literature above good? Do you know another good book? Share your information as a comment with others! I’d like to know which Porsche Boxster 986 book you’ve read.

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  2. If you have copies of 986 sales brochures and posting isn’t a legal issue, seeing them would be much appreciated. English and French in particular. Thank you

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